(English) Sessions and presentations 2015 @ IBM IMS Technical Symposium 2015

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Here you can download the presentations of the IMS Symposium 2015.
You will find the third Hands on Labs (D03) at the bottom of the table.
(Fields marked with * contain an updated version of the presentation)

Monday’s Sessions
K01 – Steve Mink A01 – Janet LeBlanc B01 – Walter Klaey C01 – Deepak Kohli
(repeats B05)
K02 – Betty Patterson A02 – Haley Fung B02 – James Martin C02 – Suzie Wendler
Tuesday’s Sessions
K03 – Vendor’s Presentation A03 – Jim Martin B03 – Suzie Wendler C03 – Evgeni Liakhovich
A04 – David Schipper B04 – Demetrios
C04 – Nick Griffin
A05 – Helene Lyon B05 – Deepak Kohli
(repeats C01)
C05 – Haley Fung
(repeats B13)
A06 – Nick Griffin &
Andy Nguyen
B06 – Richard Tran
(repeats C15)
C06 – Scott Quillicy
A07 – Greg Vance B07 – Suzie Wendler C07 – Kyle Charlet
(repeats C07)
A08 – James Martin B08 – Maida Snapper &
Suzie Wendler
C08 – Karen Durward
Wednesday’s Sessions
K04 – Helene Lyon A09 – Karen Durward B09 – Robert Recknagel C09 – Shyh-Mei Ho
A10 – Walter Klaey
(repeats B01)
B10 – Daniel Schoeman C10 – Carl Farkas
A11 – Evgeni Liakhovich B11 – Richard Tran C11 – Shyh-Mei Ho
A12 – Roy Panting B12 – Pascal Meyer (*) C12 – Deepak Kohli
A13 – Evgeni Liakhovich B13 – Haley Fung
(repeats C05)
C13 – Maida Snapper
(repeats A16)
A14 – Steve Mink &
Richard Tran
B14 – Kyle Charlet
(repeats C07)
C14 – Helene Lyon
Thursday’s Sessions
A15 Nick Griffin &
Ron Bisceglia
CAC Session C15 – Richard Tran
(repeats B06)
A16 – Maida Snapper
(repeats C13)
B16 – Haley Fung &
Evgeni Liakhovich
C16 – Jim Martin


Hands on Labs D03 – Rose Galvan &
Demetrios Dimatos

Here you can download the at a glance and abstracts.